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Our Clients Say


"Cramden Coach helped make the transportation part of our wedding run smoothly with their excellent service, staff and vehicle. They are the best value in the Hudson valley after much of our own comparative research. They picked up guests promptly from the hotel and maneuvered through a difficult site with complicated directions and restrictions to drop off all our guests at our wedding. Ike was extremely accommodating and understanding, when he managed to gather us and all of our guests for a safe, comfortable ride back to the hotel.  The bus used was new, clean and top of the line which was a refreshing retreat from the July heat. My husband and I highly recommend Cramden Coach."

Amy F.


“We use Cramden Coach for all of our charter bus transportation needs. They are a pleasure to work with, and are always willing to work with us on whatever we need for a particular event.”


Mike F.

"I booked a trip with Cramden Coach and the trip was comfortable and got us to our destination safely and on time.  Our driver, was courteous and friendly.  Definitely would recommend!"

Cecile A.

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